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Erchonia Laser Therapy in Tucson

Why We Only Use Erchonia Class 2 Lasers

All Lasers are NOT the Same! Erchonia Class 2 lasers are the only Lasers we would ever consider using on ourselves…

High Power vs. Low Level Lasers with Dr. Trevor Berry & Danica Patrick | Podcast Clip 👇

Most people new to the laser light industry do not realize the importance of wavelength and power of the device to seek the outcomes you would expect with these devices.  So, let us share a little about Erchonia  and why they are known for the most researched, safest and most effective lasers in the market place.  

FDA clearance for their low level lasers!  There are now 24 FDA clearances in the world and to have a company like Erchonia own 21 of them, it really sets the stage to be able to share that they have proven through Level 1 studies which are randomized, placebo controlled and double blind that they are manufacturing the most researched, most effective and safest laser on Earth!

Erchonia Laser Therapy in Tucson

Below, we have included some studies to better educate on why Erchonia builds the specs of the lasers they build in order to give people the results they hope to see!
There are so many applications with the Erchonia lasers now, and we can understand more about this when we understand the wavelength and how it has a positive effect on human biology.  Included on this page find informational pieces to show you some of the research, FDA market clearances and continuing ongoing research Erchonia has to date.  These are exciting times for our patients now wanting this amazing technology. 

Erchonia Laser Therapy in Tucson


The National Institutes of Health is currently conducting research on the use of low-level light for conditions involving neurology, such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, degenerative brain disease, spinal cord injury, and peripheral nerve regeneration.

Most reviewed for use in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Low Lever Laser Therapy has shown to provide benefits for injuries and disorders, including significantly increased cell regeneration and healing, and decreased pain.

Dr. Harrigan uses Erchonia Low-Level Cold Laser Therapy, combined with gentle chiropractic techniques to correct misalignments, to provide his patients with dramatic pain relief and healing.

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Erchonia Laser Therapy in Tucson
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